Our wines,
our land

My roots are in the gentle hillsides of San Pietro di Feletto. This is a living, varied and generous land; for years I have cared for these vineyards, preserving the traditions inherited from my grandfather.

My idea of a quality wine comes from his teachings: respect for nature, connection to the land, and the emotion of new grapes growing on our vines. I am not about large amounts, I want my wines to tell a story, to reflect the love that is perpetuated from generation to generation.

I follow my own path on the confident tracks of tradition but with an eye to the future, in order to instil my vision into all my wines.

Metodo Classico in

the land of Prosecco

I have always been fascinated by bottle-fermented wines.
Genuine products, in which the grapes are free to express their full potential, without compromise. These wines require time and patience; however, those years of waiting are always rewarded by elegant aromas and creamy, sophisticated bubbles.

In the Unesco World Heritage area, I cherish the excellence of Prosecco Superiore, enhancing the aromatic intensity of the Glera grape to the fullest; however, I pair it with wines that reflect my personal tastes, unravelling into the glass all the personalities of our grapes, from Chardonnay to the extremely rare Manzoni Moscato.

The value of

our varieties

Thanks to its privileged location, San Pietro di Feletto is historically an ideal place for the cultivation of vines. In the heart of our hill, which is constantly exposed to the sun, the winds that descend from the mountains and those that rise from the sea encounter each other, creating a perfect environment for our grapes.

In the clay and limestone soil, there are plenty of nutrients that provide strength and structure to the vines, especially when it comes to red grapes. Marzemino has found here its ideal habitat, and with each vintage it is able to deliver all its delicate aromatic richness. My grandfather Francesco placed it alongside classic international grape varieties (Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon) from which I now have the honour of creating the DOCG Colli di Conegliano Rosso Riserva.

The latest addition to our selection are the resistant grape varieties – PIWI, a direct connection between historical traditions and the innovation of modern viticulture.

Ancient traditions for

the wine of the future

Past and present are blended inside our amphorae. A remembrance of ancient traditions that allows us to create an innovative product with a clear and genuine personality.

I chose orange wines to seek new complexity, to let the full strength of the grape variety be present in every glass. Gentle and considerate processing of the grape’s qualities allows me to attain authentic and unexpected aromas, which are able to surprise taste after taste.

As with all my wines, I try to intervene as little as possible on theidentity of the grape: once I have determined the final result, all my choices go backwards, so as to plan the ideal pruning techniques and the perfect time for the harvest depending on the grape variety used and the ageing container.

Thanks to the amphorae, I have found a new way to describe my territory, with scents and flavours that leave vivid and emotionally intense memories.

Harvesting the

excellence of nature

When I talk about my Passito wines, I always ask to forget the idea we all have of a ‘classic Passito for dessert’.

The grapes undergo the drying process, of course, but the wine is made without added sugar; this is the only way I can capture the true nature of the grape variety, getting to the heart of each berry, as that is where its best qualities are to be found.

I always look upon my territory with gratitude. This land gives me the ideal conditions for quality products and – when it is particularly generous – even more so, as in the years in which I harvest the extremely precious botrytis grapes.

Nature gives us its best fruits; it is up to the hand of the winemaker to know how to harvest them at the perfect time and transform them into premium wines.

A taste

of territory

Come visit us and be amazed by the beauty of our hills and by the variety of wines available to compose your personalised tasting. We will show you around our processing and production sites, away from your daily routine, to let you experience all the emotions that only this territory can offer.

Wine tastings are available throughout the year, all you need to do is make a reservation.